contribution # 1 | INTRODUCTION

the rotterdam visual artist / writer jozef van rossum introduced the evenings.

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jozef van rossum presents variations on 'jan' and 'arend'. _couturière barbara witteveen provided a new suit.


adler typewriter, crimmp_11, photo: jozef van rossum


hi arnold,
i've got it: my introduction will be about jan arends, jan j. arends, j. ahrend and arend-jan. the latter will be the subject in an audience participation, so that visitors can attend the theatre show like a refreshed pillow. _and more: as a self declared pacemaker i send you this lyrical submission for the post programme:


what thinks of it?

what thinks of it?

that typewriter


with its sticker ‘i just mess around’ was part of the show

now rejected,

shall i put it outside

in the hallway

so one can still see it

after all?





no karel appel

good painter but

granny smith is a better plan

and further

a spot in limburg

ticks in the backhead

of my brain

people discuss whether apples

roll from a conveyor belt or

are being conveyed by a rolling belt?


this way i can make it through the day

in the street people point their fingers at me:

that man is a poet,

he mutters now and then.



(source: e-mail by jozef van rossum, march 14, 2013)