crimmp_31, re#sister @ studio worm, rotterdam

friday evening 28, saturday evening 29 and sunday afternoon 30 june 2019 stage ocw presents crimmp_31 with 'testing the waters', a weekend of RE#SISTER sounds. _the programme features sound installations, performances, zines and other merchandise in the RE#SISTER shop, ranging from soothing soundscapes and intimate readings, to loudly pulsating noise sets. _with contributions by heleniq a, zeynep tana aslan, pema bennardis, boterklontje (johanna & vanita monk & linda nijboer), yoana buzova, mariëtte groot, inge hoonte, ash kilmartin, tarik speelman, tamara van suylekomand the re#sister nonsemble

crimmp_31, re#sister @ modular den haag

re#sister @ modular den haag

RE#SISTER was formed around WORM's electronic music studio in rotterdam in 2018. _resenting the fact that way more men than women used this studio, mariëtte groot (WORM programmer) invited women and LGBTQ people with an interest in sound and/or electronic music, to come explore the world of music and experimentation. _the studio is currently being used every month to rehearse with a varying group of people and instruments. _in addition, they organize events and are regularly asked for performances, such as at dutch modular fest, slash gallery, attent and varia

crimmp_31, re#sister @ studio worm, rotterdam

re#sister @ studio worm, rotterdam

ATTENTION: on friday and saturday night the programme starts at 20:30 as usual. _on sunday at *13:30*. _doors open 30 minutes before each programme, with coffee and tea & a drink after the performances

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the space has a limited capacity of 35 seats. _if you want to be sure of a seat, you can book one via podium@podiumocw.nl  _bookings will be confirmed by an e-mail. _the admission and drinks for ocw evenings are free. _yet visitors are requested to donate whatever amount they think appropriate for attending the performances afterwards. _the participating artists receive the collected sum after the show (incrowd funding). _so make sure you bring some cash with you and be generous with your donation

ocw, stage for small scale events, drievriendenstraat 26, 3014 js rotterdam

visitors enter the studio building at their own risk. _stage ocw is not liable for any damage to persons or goods