trailer of the film 'little man, time and the troubadour' (dutch subtitles)

on the occasion of the dutch premiere at IFFR 2020 of ineke smits' new film 'little man, time and the troubadour', main protagonist and abkhazian marionettist arkhip 'sipa' labakhua, came to rotterdam. _for stage ocw, sipa's presence was an excellent opportunity to invite him for the third time to perform one of his brilliant performances. _for the 33rd crimmp program he presented the revised version of his 2005 show 'the smell of shadow'. _after the intermission the natural born narrator shed light on his miraculous life

arkhip 'sipa' labakhua is one of the leading artists of abkhazia. _he lives and works in the capital sukhum. _sipa studied fine arts in tiblisi and moscow and is active in the field of sculpture, design, scenography and photography. _in 1999 he created his one man marionette theater 'hammock'. _in 2000 he received the grand prix of the gent international puppetbuskersfestival for his show 'red actor'

sipa’s website: http://sipa.su/

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