stage ocw starts 2020 with crimmp_33

on the occasion of the dutch premiere at IFFR 2020 of ineke smits' new film 'little man, time and the troubadour', main protagonist and abkhazian marionettist arkhip 'sipa' labakhua, will come to rotterdam with 2 of his theatre shows: insomnia en the smell of shadow



arkhip 'sipa' labakhua, abkhazia, little man, time and the troubadour, ineke smits, iffr 2020, rotterdam

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• on monday 27 january, 21.30 hrs. ineke smits' film 'little man, time and the troubadour' will have its premiere at KINO, gouvernestraat 129-133 rotterdam. _preceding the première, sipa will perform 'insomnia', the theatre show with which he travelled through abkhazia in the film at 18.00 hrs. in stage ocw. _seats for this special performance are limited and can be reserved at podium@podiumocw.nl under the subject 'insomnia'




arkhip 'sipa' labakhua, abkhazia, little man, time and the troubadour, ineke smits, iffr 2020, rotterdam

sipa working on the set of the smell of shadow in his studio in sukhum

• for stage ocw, sipa's presence is an excellent opportunity to invite him for the third time to perform one of his brilliant performances. _for the 33rd crimmp program he will present the latest version of his 2005 show 'the smell of shadow', about which he wrote:

"an indian of the hopi-tribe once stated to me: a big part of you is locked in. _i replied: how can i allow you to the depths of my inner self, when i don't even manage myself ? _a lot of things scared me, even the smell of shadow. _thereupon he said: let me tell you the story of the one-eyed mouse, that never entered the night forest…."

after the intermission the natural born narrator will shed light on his miraculous life

arkhip labakhua (pseudonym: sipa) is one of the leading artists of abkhazia. _he lives and works in the capital sukhum. _sipa studied fine arts in tblisi and moscow and is active in the field of sculpture, design, scenography and photography. _in 1999 he created his one man marionette theater 'hammock'. _in 2000 he received the grand prix of the gent festival of marionette theatre for his show 'red actor' sipa’s website: http://sipa.su/


PLEASE NOTE: the crimmp-events are not scheduled on three successive evenings as usual, but on:

sunday evening january 26, friday evening january 31 and saturday evening february 1, 2020

start program 20.30 hrs. / door open 30 minutes before start, reception with coffee and tea & a drink after the performances


the space has a limited capacity of 35 seats. _if you want to be sure of a seat, you can book one via podium@podiumocw.nl _bookings will be confirmed by e-mail. _the admission and drinks for ocw evenings are free. _yet visitors are requested to donate whatever amount they think appropriate for attending the performances afterwards. _the performing artist will receive the collected sum after the show (incrowd funding). _so make sure you bring some cash with you and be generous with your donation

ocw, stage for small scale events, drievriendenstraat 26, 3014 js rotterdam