cora's hOOrarium, cora schmeiser, ocw, podium voor kleinschaligheden, rotterdam

as part of the temporary arrangement 'balkonscènes' of the dutch performing arts fund, cora schmeiser presents:

cora's hEArarium

inspired by the medieval dutch motto: ‘ic heb in minen sinnen wat nyewes aen te gaen’, cora invites you to a private-devotion for 1 listener and 1 singer

the central question in cora’s hEArarium is: ’How do we get satisfation in our current, culturally impoverished days?’ _by loitering in a 'snappy instant? _by ‘seizing the day?' _by the vision of an improved future world with new challenges? _cora's hEArarium frames the quest for an answer with a fine selection of vocal suggestions from the modern devotion, and by giuliano bracci, hildegard von bingen, john cage, perotinus, kurt schwitters and kate moore

on arrival, each listener picks one from seven three-course menu's, that cora will perform in the private-devotion that follows. _each menu is composed of three points of interest, that (might) lead to enlightenment: a context, a medieval piece of music and a contemporary composition or -text. each private-devotion lasts 20 minutes and is pro deo 


cora's hEArarium is present in stage ocw on friday, august 7, 2020

private-devotions at: 18.00, 18.30, 19.00, 19.30, 20.30, 21.00, 21.30 and 22.00 hrs.

cora schmeiser: voice, recitation, hurdy gurdy, singing bowl 


book your private-devotion via: cora@coraschmeiser.nl stating the specific time of your visit

an e-mail with additional information will confirm your booking

cora's hEArarium can also be attended on: 
• saturday, august 1 2020, at the eendrachtsweg 57c, rotterdam
private-devotions at 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 13.30, 15.00, 15.30, 16.00 and 16.30 hrs. 
• sunday, august 2, 2020, at 'de ketelfactory', hoofdstraat 44, schiedam 
private-devotions at 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 13.30, 15.00, 15.30, 16.00 and 16.30 hrs.
for more information click at: www.coraschmeiser.nl    
PS. a private-devotion on demand at an optional location of choice is available from the end of july/beginning of august 
please contact cora@coraschmeiser.nl 

thanks to jeroen bosch, hans houweling, winnie teschmacher and arnold schalks

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