on march 11, 2020, the frequency-curve of the crimmp-programming took the shape of a right angle, comparable with the trajectory of a dropping brick. _optimists among us will claim that such a geometric figure is useful, because you can sneeze into it. _realists among us will rather interpret the kink as an indication, that the ocw-activities have come to a complete standstill. _the latter are right. _observance of the RIVM-guidelines would reduce the number of attendants in the theater space to a maximum of 7. _in case of a vocal contribution, experts require an audiental distance of at least 6 meters to the performer.


in these troubled times of corona, it looks like your ocw-programmer has fallen on his own sword. _in the present juncture, the ardently proclaimed motto of the crimmp_series: "reduction is a surplus value" has lead to an unpracticable and unprofitable reality. _two scheduled events had to be cancelled until further notice. _i'm looking forward to the relaxation of the 1,5 meter regime before any restart can be considered. _stage regulars with ocw-melancholy can find 68 times of compensation on the ocw vimeo-account https://vimeo.com/channels/podiumocw

subscribers to the ocw mailing list will receive an invitation in due time when crimmp resumes.

i hope to see you safe and sound in better times, arnold schalks


PS. the most recent ocw-activity, compliant to the safety regulations, was cora's hEARarium

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