Podium ocw, speelruimte

ocw is a rotterdam non-subsidized small-scale stage, initiated by the visual artist arnold schalks. _on november 20, 2009, ocw opened its door for the first time in a studio building of the foundation art accomodation rotterdam' (skar) at the osseweistraat 35. _seven years later, the venue moved to a classroom on the ground floor of a former elementary school, now skar studio-building, at the drievriendenstraat 26

the objective of ocw -a corruption of the word ossewei- is to create the conditions for cross-disciplinary connections by the combined presentations of visual arts, dance, music, literature, theater and cinema, offering a lot of room for the experiment

starting point for the programming is 'crimmp' (= shrinkage), a concept which not only refers to the modest dimensions of the ocw-stage (w x d: 350 x 195 cm), but also is a declaration of intent to the concentrate. _the six letters of 'crimmp' stand for: 'creative reduction in the multi media practice'

stage ocw takes a crimmp-break during the summer months to release the play-key in september 2022 again. _subscribers to the ocw mailing list will receive an invitation in due time

to view impressions of the past 43 crimmp-episodes,click HERE