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POOR THING - a musical ode to melancholy

visual music theatre with classical music and objects

thursday, 13 october and friday, 14 october / start 20.30 hrs.

Poor thing, beeldend muziektheater VOX, © guido bosua

(photo © guido bosua)


everything passes. _is that sad? _yes. _nothing but? _no. _'poor thing' reveals that there is a lot more to mortality than just sorrow. _'poor thing' is an ode to melancholy, and so it is an all-encompassing embrace of life


Poor thing, beeldend muziektheater VOX, © mirthe dokterPoor thing, beeldend muziektheater VOX,© mirthe dokter

(photo © mirthe dokter)

when three musical funeral directors stumble upon a cabinet filled with the belongings of an anonymous deceased woman, they decide to follow her traces and try to reconstruct her forgotten life. _as wistful 17th-century lute songs sound, the closet unfolds into a ceremony of still lifes. _lovingly and with a touch of humor, the funeral directors tell stories of times gone by. _little by little, the veil is lifted of the beauty that hides behind the transience of life

with: linde schinkel (performance and soprano), martine van ditzhuyzen (performance) & david mackor (performance and lute)

duration 60 minutes

because the costs for these two performances are financially covered by 'culture concrete', 'fonds sluyterman van loo' and the 'van leeuwen van lignac foundation', ocw visitors are encouraged to transfer a donation to 'MOB', the ngo of activist johan vollenbroek, which is committed to preserving biodiversity and combating global warming. _bank details: NL12 TRIO 0379 2703 07 in the name of 'mobilization environment'

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