friday, october 26 & saturday, october 27, 2018, start 20:30 hrs.


off_crimmp_cinema, ocw, podium voor kleinschaligheden, rotterdam

off-crimmp_cinema is an informative way of skipping evening school in a former class room at the drievriendenstraat, that is transformed into a movie theater. _the basic idea of the program curated by filmmaker noud heerkens is to show the work of rotterdam based video artists and filmmakers in an intimate and informal setting


- in the hall / bay of the building -

off-crimmp_cinema_04, michal osowski, polly wilson, light graffiti, ocw, stage for small scale events, rotterdam

michal osowski & polly wilson | status-presence-conceivable | 2018

interactive performance of movement and image

light graffiti is a custom made video technique developed by michal osowski, to convert specific patterns of physical movement through 3-dimensional space into a 2-dimensional projection. _light traces are used to visualize the manifestation of the moving body. _the moving performer carries small led-lights attached to her hands, legs, head or other parts of the body. _a computer program tracks her movements with a camera and converts the trajectory of her body parts into a light pattern which a beamer projects on the virtual 'canvas' of a flat surface. _as the performers' movements are turned into real-time projected light images, she can view the effect of her actions as if reflected in a mirror. _the leading idea of the project is oriented to reaching a state of perceptual feedback: the lasting loop between the locomotor system and senses that occur when the sensory system is triggered by a movement, and the perception of that movement evokes a new movement which, once perceived, induces a next movement etc., in an everlasting loop. _the process can be continued without interruption for any period of time. _the traces of light gradually disappear to be replaced by new ones. _subsequent images gradually interpenetrate each other creating a dynamic and unpredictable narrative. _when the movement of the performer is interrupted, the image gradually blacks out


- in the cinema -

off-crimmp_cinema_04, michiel van bakel, forrest paths (forget heidegger), ocw, podium voor kleinschaligheden, rotterdam

michiel van bakel | forest paths (forget heidegger) | 2018 | 3' 39"

a warped stroll through a forest. _animated still photographs reveal movement and light on the forest paths that are otherwise invisible to the human eye. _van bakel made a ‘scanner-camera’ that extends human vision to near-infrared light in an other-worldly way. _what’s this thing called vision? _what’s the fundamental difference between what a robot discerns, what a flying insect detects or man’s observation?


off-crimmp_cinema_04, gerco de ruyter, grid corrections, ocw, stage for small scale events, rotterdam

gerco de ruijter | grid corrections | 2018 | 3'

this film was made mining the thomas jefferson grid in google earth. _after the civil war in 1785 thomas jefferson established a grid-system in order to allocate the american west. _by superimposing a rectangular grid on the earth surface, a grid built from exact square miles, the spherical deviations have to be fixed. _after all, the grid has only two dimensions. _the north-south boundaries in the grid are on the lines of longitude, which converge to the north. _the roads that follow these boundaries must dogleg every twenty-four miles to counter the diminishing distances: grid corrections


off-crimmp_cinema_04, mirjam somers, guardian, time #02, ocw, podium voor kleinschaligheden, rotterdam

mirjam somers | guardian, time #02 (try-out) | 2018

if both child and animal are associated with innocence and the ability to live in the here and now, what does it then mean, when this animal forms a traumatised neurotic shadow of its own bestiality?

off-crimmp_cinema_04, marleine van der werf, the prediction machine, ocw, stage for small scale events, rotterdam

marleine van der werf | the prediction machine | 2017 | 15'

this short documentary focuses on the research of acclaimed dutch neuroscientist floris de lange. _in his 'prediction lab’ he explores what expectations do with our perception. _inspired by the film 'robocop' in his teens, de lange became interested in the human brain and the question of whether you could reproduce it. _but when he realized that no one has ever succeeded to create artificial intelligence that can perceive as well as humans do, this became his first step in his research to understand our brain. _read more here


off-crimmp_cinema_04, eva wijers, humanoid, ocw, podium voor kleinschaligheden, rotterdam

eva wijers | humanoid | 2018 | 6' 36"

humanoid is a 2d frame to frame animated film with a philosophical attitude. _humanoid explores how our self image as humans is affected by the rise of artificial intelligence. _the project is inspired by the book 'life 3.0' by max tegmark, which gives a mind-blowing view on the possible near future. _form and content are inseparable in this minimalistic black and white film


off-crimmp_cinema_04, noud heerkens, humanoid, ocw, podium voor kleinschaligheden, rotterdam

noud heerkens | an invitation to DANCE (try-out) | 2018

there are five bodies, five individuals, all existing unto themselves. _they cannot stop dancing, that’s what makes them human. _they form an autonomous world that follows its own rules


same programme on friday evening october 26 and saturday evening october 27, 2018, start 20:30 hrs.

door open from 20 hrs. on / reception with coffee/tea, a drink after the performance

the space has a limited capacity of 35 seats. _if you want to be sure of a seat, you can book one via _bookings will be confirmed by e-mail. _the admission and drinks for ocw evenings are free. _yet visitors are requested to donate whatever amount they think appropriate for attending the performances afterwards. _the participating artists receive a equal share of the collected sum after the show (incrowd funding). _so make sure, you bring some cash with you and be generous with your donation

ocw, stage for small scale events, drievriendenstraat 26, 3014 js rotterdam

best, noud heerkens and arnold schalks

visitors enter the studio building at their own risk. _stage ocw is not liable for any damage to persons or goods