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same program on friday evening, 7 october and saturday evening, 8 october - start 20:30 hrs.


SCIENCE AROUND US | arif abdillah | 2021

SCIENCE AROUND US | arif abdillah | 2021 | 20'

after finding out that his father was admitted into a hospital and refuses further medical treatment in indonesia, budi, an indonesian, in-the-closet, prodigal son who lives in the netherlands, has to reconnect and convince his stubborn father to take medical treatment while trying to clean up his post-sex party airbnb


BOGWATERS | michiel van bakel | 2022

BOGWATERS | michiel van bakel | 2022 | 4'25"

two canals in a dutch nature reserve* run parallel to each other for miles. _the camera moves across the surface of the water and accelerates to fly from one canal to the other. _the images change from black-and-white to infrared and we see the nature reserve from an unusual colour spectrum, and at a different velocity. _imagining a totally different perception such as through the eyes of the dragonfly, which perceives different wavelengths and can ‘see’ many times faster, >200 images per second, than a human. _the tour ends where the two canals meet; by the water at the foot of a silent witness, an overgrown bunker

* striking fact: the former peat exploitation waterways of 'de peel' have grown themselves into protected nature reserves in the midst of extremely industrial livestock production that poses a threat to biodiversity


AFWEZIGHEID VAN ALLE SCHULD | robert glas | 2020

AFWEZIGHEID VAN ALLE SCHULD (ABSENCE OF GUILT)| robert glas | 2020 | 4K video, two channel | 32’ | language: dutch

play: emma pelckmans & raoul copier | d.o.p.: tom enzler | sound on set: marzouk magouz | post processing audio: victor bontje | advice pleading note: mr. dr. johannes bijlsma, prof. dr. gerben meynen (university utrecht)

from an ever-increasing political emphasis on prevention and security, ‘risk assessment instruments’ such as ‘OxRec’ have acquired a permanent place in dutch probation practice. _OxRec calculates the risk of committing a criminal offence by combining factual data about the person in question — home address, criminal record, drinking behaviour, relational status, etc.— with known correlations between these factors and the risk to criminal behaviour. _following the intuition that predictable behaviour can never be the product of free will, the project ‘afwezigheid van alle schuld’ uses fiction to examine the legal implications of the ambition to master the prediction of criminal behaviour. _central to the project is a short film. _a lawyer tries to exonerate a man charged with the assault of a police officer, using the prediction of his violent behaviour as evidence of his incapacitated willpower



short statement:
i experience everything with my body, perception, sensation and my unconscious. _for me, drawing elements such as lines, dots, darkness, lightness, paper and pencil have the potential to investigate the experience of the things or things as they appear in my experience. _i try to find out how the autonomy of drawing is related to my way of experiencing the things. _i use pencil and paper as musical instruments, as means to explore performance and film, to take drawing in different directions and explore my experience through these various kinds of drawing-based media.

my pen as a concerto:
in this performance i present a film which leads me to make drawing based on the film’s visual elements. _after that i play music with my cello, based on the sounds of the drawing i made during the film




M.L. JANUARY 2021 | nanouk leopold | 2021

M.L. JANUARY 2021 | LeopoldEmmen | 2021 | 25’

meer-kanaals video installatie, hd video, geluid


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