MIKROwave #1

sunday afternoon 27th october / start performances 15 hrs

performing artists : anne laberge - flute & electronics / earl christy - theorbe / joost van veen - super 8 films / erikward geerlings - lecture / nina hitz - cello



stage ocw adopted the music series worm klassiek op de zondagmiddag, after it became homeless on 4th november 2012. _worm klassiek op de zondagmiddag will be continued at the osseweistraat with a new sequence entitled MIKROwave.  _contemporary and old classical compositions are combined with strange abstract analogue films, performance and stories from the future


the MIKROwave #1-program, curated by huib emmer, features:

1 - anne laberge plays 'density 21,5' from 1936 (revision 1946) by edgar varese

2 - earl christy plays his own composition 'fantasia in a-mol' from 2012

3 - filmmaker joost van veen shows his first silent super 8 film, that was part of the 'tijdlus' project. _it's a study on the use of random images and investigates how random random really is

4 - anne laberge plays 'xi' from 1987 by karlheinz stockhausen

5 - erikward geerlings gives a lecture about the state of our auditive behavior in the 21st century

6 - joost van veen shows his second silent super 8 film which he made together with the english filmmaker matt hulse. _the film is a study on the interaction between filmic movements and is composed of overlapping film loops

7 - nina hitz and earl christy play 'sonata III' for cello and continuo from 1736 by salvatore lanzetti

8 - anne laberge plays her own composition 'away' from 2008


12 persons attended the the first MIKROwave episode on 27th october 2013

click here to download the dutch PRINTVERSION of erikward geerlings' lecture in PDF-format (52 kb)