ocw / stage for small-scale events

drievriendenstraat 26 / class room 01

3014 js rotterdam

programming and technique : arnold schalks

e-mail : podium@podiumocw.nl


HOW TO GET THERE ON FOOT FROM ROTTERDAM CENTRAL STATION (follow the red line on the map below) appr. 5 minutes walking time
leave the station hall of rotterdam central through the side exit at the centrum-side. _follow the conradstraat around the groothandelsgebouw, along the bus terminal. _cross the weena, and walk straight on in the direction of the first part of the diergaardesingel. _the drievriendenstraat is the extension of that street

walking map rotterdam central-stage ocw



on weekdays between 9-23 hr. and on sunday’s between 12-23 hrs. you have to pay parking charges. _payment by means of a credit card, pin pass or smartphone. _below the nearby schouwburgplein, a parking garage is located on a walking distance of appr. 5 minutes from the drievriendenstraat. for additional info, please click: https://parkerenrotterdamcentrum.nl/

visitors enter the studio building at their own risk. _stage ocw is not liable for any damage to persons or goods