ocw* is a rotterdam non-subsidized small-scale stage, initiated by the visual artist arnold schalks. _on november 20, 2009, ocw opened its door for the first time in a studio building of the foundation art accomodation rotterdam' (skar) at the osseweistraat 35. _seven years later, the venue moved to a classroom on the ground floor of a former elementary school, now skar studio-building, at the drievriendenstraat 26

the objective of ocw -a corruption of the word ossewei- is to create the conditions for cross-disciplinary connections by the combined presentations of visual arts, dance, music, literature, theater and cinema, offering a lot of room for the experiment

starting point for the programming is 'crimmp' (= shrinkage), a concept which not only refers to the modest dimensions of the ocw-stage (w x d: 350 x 195 cm), but also is a declaration of intent to the concentrate. _the six letters of 'crimmp' stand for: 'creative reduction in the multi media practice'

the ocw-program features :

1) crimmp : a series of events, programmed by arnold schalks, for which reduction is interpreted as a surplus value _to extend the range of the programme, each series of contributions are repeated on three successive evenings _crimmp evenings are usually scheduled on friday-, saturday- and sunday evenings

2) off-crimmp : stage programs, turning on a single artist or topic, presented on a single evening

3) off-crimmp_cinema : an informative way of skipping evening school in the former class room, temporarily transformed into a movie theater. _a program of films, selected by filmmaker noud heerkens, are being screened on one or two evenings

'small-scale' and 'hospitality' are the catchwords for the activities of ocw. _its indoor facilities measure up to 45 sqm. _the theater space -a former classroom- seats a maximum of 35 visitors. _if you want to be sure of a seat, you can book one via podium@podiumocw.nl _bookings will be confirmed by an e-mail

ocw-reception with coffee and tea first and a small drink after the performances. _the front door of the studio-building will be closed at the start of the performances. _please take into account that there will be no further access possible beyond this point in time

financially the events are based on the principle of incrowd-funding: the admission for ocw-evenings is free. _yet visitors are requested to donate whatever amount they think appropriate for attending the performances afterwards. _the participating artists receive a equal proportion of the collected sum after the show. _visitors are requested to bring cash money with them

ocw is a sequel to two former inititiatives of arnold schalks: bühne de bovenlucht (1997-2002) and art space de vrije schuur (2004-2005)

ocw, stage for small scale events is an activity of foundation bühne de bovenlucht

* ocw (pronunciation: oh-say-way), shares its initials (unfortunately not the budget) with the dutch ministry of onderwijs (education), cultuur (culture) and wetenschap (science)



click the link to download the ocw floor plan or the technical specifications :

ocw_about_floorplan.pdf / adobe pdf document 52 kb

ocw_about_technique.pdf / adobe pdf document 3,9 mb